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Management & soft skills

A deeply psychometric approach to develop your competences for success in business and life.
Join the trip of such unique 4 consecutive topics now and stand for the privilege of being more
professional and successful.

Following the 4 compartmentalized detailed functions of sales managers whatever the
hierarchical level is, this program is an advantageous asset to put you in the right place to be the
ideal manager.

Leaders need to lead both tasks and people to achieve organizational goals and such a mission is not that easy. This ( 2 by 3)
mixed program put into practice how you lead different situations 
under the complexity of leading people.

A full structured diploma that enriches your employees within all department with all required
soft skills to put your organization on the edge to compete. Starting from work related
emotional intelligence through communication skills then decision making techniques and
ending by influencing the others; we guarantee that you and your company team members willget a competitive edge.

Next level manager program is an integrated training program focused on all required elements of manager job with every expected daily activity. Next level manager program weaponizes the trainees with all knowledge, techniques, tools, and competences that are essential for achieving the organizational goals.

Now, invest in your employees who are the cornerstone of leading people to achieve the desired results. Next level manager program is what do you need to augment and empower your managers.

A distinctive unique program to have the power of being a master negotiator. Such a program
will change a lot regarding your past and future of all negotiations you tackled. Being different
and maximize your revenues, profits and customers loyalty with such a unique approach in this
highly valued golden skill.

Participants will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage
conflicts, promote a positive workplace culture, and contribute to a more productive and
harmonious organizational environment.

Fostering your group communication skills to manage and adapt to variant communication
styles leading your team members and organization to maximize results and better compete.

Upon completion of the Negotiation and Persuasion Skills Training, participants will be equipped
with the knowledge, strategies, and techniques to effectively negotiate and persuade in various
personal and professional scenarios.

Being a star presenter is not that easy! Join us, train, and practice how to plan, structure then
present in the way impress even professionals.

Participants will leave this program equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to
lead strategically and drive positive change within their organizations.