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Psychometric & Personality Assessment Service

Know the service

  • Psychometric personality tests measure on a scoring basis, the various aspects of human personalities and skills objectively.
  • They are effective in predicting how individuals may react and respond in different business and job requirements situations.
  • Decision makers deploy them to find the right-fit person for a particular job or promotion and boost engagement and performance.


Fuel your business :

  • Boost ROI of Human assests.
  • Impress stakeholders with modern HR Practice.
  • Improve the organizational Culture to be more fair and professional.
  • Develop employees at every level of the hierarchy.
  • Build more professional and collaborative teams.


Set of Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational leadership
  • Adaptability and coachability
  • Social characteristics
  • Behavioral development plan
  • Team building for projects and campaigns

For Mid and Senior Managers

  • Assertiveness
  • Change management and conflict resolution
  • Leadership style regarding organization culture
  • Self-awareness & EI
  • Leadership behaviors and weak personality characteristics
  • % of team effectiveness and cooperation- detection of needs and weak points
For Junior Employees & First line Managers
  • Social styles
  • Conflict resolution style
  • Learning sets and abilities (how fast employees could develop)
  • Self-awareness & EI
  • For hiring new employees
  • For promoting managers

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