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Next level manager program


Great companies are made of great people.
The greatest asset of a company is its people. (Jorge Paulo Lemann)
In the hypercompetitive world, quality of management is a critical success factor for every organization so that being a professional manager who leads people and tasks to achieve company goals; is a highly acquired need for any company to better compete and elevate profits and performance.
Next level manager program is an integrated training program focused on all required elements of manager job with every expected daily activity. Next level manager program weaponizes the trainees with all knowledge, techniques, tools, and competences that are essential for achieving the organizational goals.
Now, invest in your employees who are the cornerstone of leading people to achieve the desired results. Next level manager program is what do you need to augment and empower your managers.

Who should attend Next level manager program:

All employees who are preparing to have their next level in the hierarchy, every newly hired
manager, and managers need to boost their abilities to get more among rivals and competitive


Next level manager program is designed to address the pain of being a manager!
The program deals with all essential 4 phases of the management process on both tasks and
people. Have a look at the program detailed outlines to get sure.


Next level manager program is a practical training to put theories into actions.
The program design is made to suit all different learning styles of attendees. Because of this, we
will apply different psychometric and personality assessments before starting the training
program to stand over the specific type and skills of every attendant.
There are many case studies and discussions throughout the learning process to increase
understanding and applications.
By the end of Next level manager program there is a complete case study assessment to check
how deeply trainees understand and execute what has been learned.

Program Outlines
Planning: ( Major strategic activities)
  1. Business plan ( Fishbone )
  2. The 12 Sales Forecasting Techniques
  3. Budget allocation
  1. KAM Ladder
  2. Pareto Principle in action
  3. Time Managment
  4. Task Organization & Responsibilities ( The Efficient manager )
  5. Hierarchical levels & Responsibilities
  6. Work load & Prioritization ( The Wise Manager )
  1. Basic roles of Motivation
  2. Theories behind applications ( Case Studies )
  3. Effective skills:
      leadership ( 16x4D )
      Emotional intelligence
      Personality Assessment
  4. Operational activities:
      The 7 Rules Of Effective Delegation
      Stress management
  1. The 4 methods & 7 Biases of Performance appraisal
  2. Benchmarking
  3. The 20 Sales metrics in action
  4. Counselling versus coaching ( The Dilemma behind the choice )
Online and offline training through full 6 training days.

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